U.S. Startup Statistics 2019

If you are thinking to begin your small business, here are some useful statistics for you. As we are approaching the year 2020, it's always good to look back and to think about our nearest feature.


Launching a startup is always a little worrisome, albeit interesting. You cannot know in advance how events will unfold and what heights you will achieved in a year or 5 years. Someone accomplishes much, when other entrepreneurs have a business that either breaks even or dies.

Here are some statistics regarding startups in 2019.


To begin your own small company, you need to be positive about your abilities. But since childhood, many principles have been rooted in us. Some of them are good, but others can extinguish our courage. Many factors can affect our determination. One such factor is age. It often seems that some age is “not suitable” for a small business owner.

Nevertheless, if you look at the age statistics, it becomes clear that there are no age restrictions for startupers.

So, let’s take a look at these people who one fine day decided to open a startup company.

Startup Survivability

When you open your business, you want it to develop and bring good results. But, unfortunately, a large number of companies nosedive.

Nevertheless, statistics show that, with due diligence, startups still have a chance to prosper.


One of the key pillars of any small business success is sufficient financing. Many of those who dream about being entrepreneurs, believe that you need to have a couple hundred thousand bucks to start. But the reality shows that it’s enough to have a few thousand. 1/3 of all U.S. startups were launched with less than $5,000. This is a pretty affordable, taking into account that money can be also borrowed. There are many sources providing capital for startups.

Startup Industries

Each business starts with a niche choosing. It is useful to know that some of the industries seem quite promising, but their net profit margin is not so high.

However, any statistics should be taken as food for thought, not as the holy writ. In the end of the day, the success of a startup is determined by the commitment of the owners and the motivation of the team.

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