Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

So, this day has come. You definitely want to be an entrepreneur. But you are not sure you are the one who can do it. What if you are just not this type of person? How to know for sure? Take a read, this article will give you a clue.
“Success is not what you have, but who you are.”

– Bo Bennet

Many people want to be entrepreneurs. But can anyone be an entrepreneur? What does it mean being entrepreneurial?

Therefore, 8% is the loss for humanity.

So, if you want to be an entrepreneur, here are top 10 signs that you have potential.

1st and perhaps the most important sign that you are entrepreneurial. You have abnormal risk tolerance.

In fact, entrepreneurship itself is a risk. This area is riskier than all other options.

But what if a person does not have risk tolerance, but he wants want to be an entrepreneur? High risk sensitivity in business is the same thing as a low stature in the basketball. Of course, such person can do business. But it will be much more complicated than if he or she was originally entrepreneurial.

Risk tolerance is an inherent, systemic thing which you are born with.

Can anyone who want to be an entrepreneur determine his or her risk tolerance?

Sure. It’s when you do not see danger where so many see it. Ask several leading entrepreneurs about the initial stages of the formation of their company, about their first steps. They will answer that they did not see anything particularly dangerous in that time. They had the illusion that starting their own business with a limited budget is something that would lead to a guaranteed success.

This is a kind of not quite an adequate view of the situation. In fact, a huge number of things can happen that can lead to the total loss of all investments. Just check the survivability rate in this 2019 startup statistics and you will see for yourself.

So, you don’t feel danger. On the contrary, you feel good and comfortable where others feel very bad. This is a huge sign of predisposition to entrepreneurship. If you want to be an entrepreneur, most probably you will succeed.

2nd sign is very close to the first one. But if in the first case it was about risk tolerance, the second sign is need, a real starving for uncertainty.

There are 2 kinds of people.

Many of those who want to be an entrepreneur have different preferences in everyday life. Some go on vacation always to the same places where they had a positive experience. They prefer walking on the same routes. When playing sports, they run along the same paths.

But there are those who choose each time a new route, new places, new surroundings. Moreover, they can go somewhere without even knowing the way; different adventures occur on the road. This is simply a pronounced need for uncertainty.

Such people feel very well when something goes wrong. You can say they are even happy about this.

Curiosity, spontaneity of action, not knowing the intermediate stage, not knowing the final stage – that’s what it means to be entrepreneurial.

3rd sign is a hyper-focusing on actions. Can anyone be an entrepreneur? The answer is yes if they told you at least once in your life that you are hyperactive, a wild child with distracted attention. In childhood, it is always about experimentation, hiking, camping, all kinds of such movements. Back in school, you loved those classes where you needed to do something, and you hated those where you needed to sit. And this is a very good sign that if you want to be an entrepreneur, you can become one.

Hyperactive people usually love a lot of talking. It is noticeable that entrepreneurs in any circle of people are trying to gain everyone’s attention, take as much space as possible, and talk much. Some cannot resist talking even in the cinema. They constantly need to do something, communicate talk. This is also one of the signs.

A person being entrepreneurial always needs to respond to situations arising around him. This is an impelling urge to say something, to enter into communication. Sometimes this can even lead to conflict situations, up to fights. (Let’s not forget about the reduced risk tolerance and increased need for uncertainty).

Entrepreneur continues playing the low-probability games when choosing the partner. Not afraid to be rejected, such people easily enter into social contacts. They all generally have a lowered social drama threshold. And it allows them to generate a huge amount of social connections very quickly.

The 4th sign that you are entrepreneurial is that it is difficult for you to be obedient, to accept various norms, rules, authoritative opinions. Especially when the rules are contrary to common sense.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should know that the entrepreneur will always act according to common sense, and not prescribed norms. He or she always puts his/her views and ideas above the established rules.

And this behavior, again, can lead to various problems with different people and institutions.

5th sign. You are comfortable being outside the framework, alone, being one-of-a-kind. When you are entrepreneurial, you become hardly labeled.

When other people want to understand you, they try to label you the way they understand. But you don’t correspond to any of their labels. So, to answer the question ‘Can anyone be an entrepreneur?’ an extraordinary person surely can.

6th sign that you can be entrepreneurial is that you have a persistent idea, a dream, a bee in your bonnet. There is something in you, some idea which is not realized, which lives in you.

7th sign is if you want to leave your mark in history, in space, to put a ding in the universe, to build something bigger than yourself. To do something that will live longer than yourself. This desire is maybe related to the fear of death, but nonetheless, the world is very large. And there are people who want to influence it, change this huge world, and make their mark on it.

8th sign. You like to compete. This turns you on and gives energy. This side of yours can be noticed even in your childhood. Such children are very fond of arguing, especially with authorities, with those people with whom it is generally not acceptable to argue.

The desire to participate in the competition is a very good sign that you are entrepreneurial.

9th sing is if you love selling your ideas. You like it very much when your ideas are sold or implemented. And this desire is in your blood, you have a merchant blood. You consider this idea trading as a pleasure, rather than looking at it as a problem. For you, the promotion of your ideas is helping other people make an important decision.

10th. If you are employed but want to be an entrepreneur, you may notice that you work more than your boss. You give your best more than your bosses or even the owners. You see a clear picture of the company, and you understand how one could build this business. You think at your work about the business as a whole. This is definitely a sign for you to start your own business if you want to be an entrepreneur.

So, if you have already set your mind, then fair winds and following seas!

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